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How to improve the performance of the vertical shaft impact crusher

Construction project have strict demand for the shape of the aggregates and the degree of hardness. In order to get the aggregates with high quality, it is necessary to equip with the vertical shaft impact crusher. In addition, it is necessary to pay much attention to the quality of the materials so as to improve the output of the vertical shaft impact crusher.

vertical shaft impact crusher

The material texture is the crucial factor that affects the output of crushing production line, especially the degree of soft and hard of the sand gravel material directly determines the crushing effect. So feed size must have a strict norm, and the feed must meet the require size of sand production line. There is one point that must be warned. It is the longtime collision of the materials in the vibrating screening results in the distortion of the screen mash and the unqualified materials directly enter into the crushing cavity. This not only reduces the yield of the sand production line, but also accelerates the wear of the crushing machine.

It is also necessary to take sufficient resources as a guarantee, such as limestone, cobble and pebbles and so on. Only do this like that can it don't affect the production progress and yield.

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