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YIFAN high purity quartz sand production line configuration

As we all know, quartz sand is processed from crushed quartz stone, according to it the unique materials, chemical characteristics, widely used in glass, foundry, ceramics and refractories, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemicals, plastics, rubber, abrasive and other industries.

Due to the quartz sand itself widely used, therefore the market for quartz sand processing equipment requirements is high relative to other materials processing equipment. Different industries require different quality quartz sand, and how to produce high-purity quartz sand?

Quartz Sand Production Line
Quartz Sand Production Line


YIFAN Machinery after years of in-depth study on high-purity quartz sand production line equipment, by improving equipment performance, production efficiency, long life and so on a series of measures, successful high-purity quartz sand production line process upgrading, there are two main production line configuration:

Dry high purity quartz sand production line:
The main equipments are jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating screen and so on. The process is that according to the size of quartz quarry material passes through the jaw crusher, impact crusher processing into smaller stones, vertical shaft impact crusher and then through vibrating screen.

Wet purity quartz sand production line:
The main equipments are jaw crusher, impact crusher, quartz vertical shaft impact crusher, dryer, vibrating screen, sand washing machine water systems. The process is as follows: quartz stone after stone crusher processed into smaller, then stone through crusher into a grit, then the grit Inflow to sand sedimentation tanks of sand washing machine, transported the sand of the sedimentation tanks into your dryer into dry sand, finally through the vibrating screen.

Yifan Machinery quartz sand production line high degree of automation, low running costs, lage crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance,  the finished material in line with national standards, by the praise of customers.

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